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Busy, busy, busy

Sorry for the lack of blog posting, it’s been an incredibly busy week! So, what I have been doing the last few weeks?

Well, this term I started by new module for the Spring/Summer term: The Virgin’s Places. This term I will be exploring all about the Virgin Mary in various places around medieval Europe, focusing specifically on Chartres Cathedral in France, the city of Siena and in the Spanish kingdom of Castile. This course is great fun, and its really fascinating to be studying the extent to which these people from the Medieval ages saw Mary as their intercessor, guardian and divine source of help. This week we’re looking at Duccio’s amazing panel painting Maesta, which if you haven’t seen, it’s stunning!

Duccio Maesta

Duccio’s Maesta

As part of the module I am back off to Paris next week! – boy, I cannot get away from there, 3 times in the last 7 months, not that I am complaining. Luckily we are travelling to Paris by train, which was a great relief to me and other students who endured the 14 hour coach journey last time. When we get to Paris we will be heading to various sites, including Chartres Cathedral, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Lourve. Whilst I am there, I will nip off to the Sainte-Chapelle to have another look around – I am completing my dissertation on the royal chapel.

Apart from spending many days in the library trying to get on top of reading and completing essays, I went down to London this weekend for an interview at Wimbledon! I’ve worked at the Wimbledon Championships before, and it would be great to get a job there for this summer again!

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended a talk by Meg Boulton, which focused on visualising the Holy Jerusalem in early Christian churches. This lecture was really interesting, and gave lots of inspiration and great information that I can use with regards to my research. I would definitely recommend looking and seeing what events are up-and-coming within the History of Art department, as who knows, there may be something specific to what you’re interested in/learning about!

I’m also in the middle of writing a blog post which focuses on surviving 48 hour open exams, as before beginning mine it was a bit like heading into the darkness blind, so hopefully my tips will give you all some ease and guidence! If you have any tips that you think would be helpful to others, let me know and I’ll add them onto the post!




My life at the moment seems to be spent with views like this…

Hope everyone has a good week, and don’t work too hard! Although reading inside in the warmth seems much more appealing than being outside in this horrid weather!

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