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Guide to the BA History of Art Dissertation

My guide to the BA Dissertation

Dissertations can be pretty intimidating for anyone. The fact that this is probably the first ‘big’ essay that you have written, and may even have to write, can also add to that big black cloud that seems to loom and follow over you for your third year. However, check out my list of handy tips which will hopefully make the experience a lot more enjoyable!

History of Art at University of York – 4th place in the national rankings

I just wanted to say a massive well done to the History of Art Department at University of York for being ranked in 4th place in The Sunday Times University Guide 2015!  It’s a great success and I couldn’t agree more with the outcome. I have written many times throughout my blog, History of Art at York is amazing. All those working within the department should be extremely proud with themselves – I know for certain that all I could write in the National Student Survey regarding my time here were positive things. I hope everyone who still studies at York, or will soon be joining, will experience the outstanding work within the department. Well done!

The end of an old chapter, the start of a new one

I often start the beginning of a blog post saying something on the lines of ‘wow, I can’t believe I’m writing this’ etc. But when writing this blog post, I have to repeat myself. I cannot believe that the time has come for me to pack and move to Paris. It seems so long ago that I had found the family and skyped them for an interview. Yet here I am. It’s finally hit me. I’m moving to Paris for a year. Although the road has been smooth sailing so far, one thing that has had a slight effect on me is packing. Many people enjoy packing, and don’t get me wrong, I also do on the odd occasion. But when you’re trying to cram everything that you think you’ll need for the year in one luggage case it can get quite tough! But woe is me. How bad does that last sentence sound?! It feels a bit like getting ready for my first year at University again. Except for all the Supermarket value alcohol. That …

J’ai fini!

Wow, I cannot quite believe that I am writing this post. It’s official. Yesterday I graduated from York with a First! I am over the moon! It was such a lovely ceremony, and it was great to see everyone before and after. Despite my gown taking every opportunity to try and wriggle its way off me, I managed to survive the graduate fashion. After the graduation ceremony, the History of Art department hosted a lovely get together with some yummy pastries and drinks! From there, me and my family ventured onto the Minster to take some photos by York’s iconic building. I don’t like the thought of calling myself a graduate now… I am still a student at heart! So now I have a month before I move to Paris for the year, and from there, I plan to begin studying for a Masters in History of Art so do expect more to come from my blog! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day yesterday – everyone looked so lovely, and it was sad not too …