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Spring 2014 public lectures

At the University of York there are many interesting talks, lectures and workshops taking place throughout the year; many of which the History of Department present. I just wanted to encourage anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and learning something new to have a look at the variety of talks and attend one!

I have been to a couple of these presentations, and have found them extremely helpful. Whether you’re in first or third year, there will be a talk for you! There’s a talk coming up next week which I am attending, and I think it will prove beneficial towards my dissertation and current module research, and plus because it’s focused on something that I am really interested in! The talk is presented by Dr Meg Boulton (who was a tutor of mine in my first year) and is titled: ‘City of God, city of gold: the symbolic of ecclesiastical ornament in the early Church’. ( I happened to come across this by pure chance, and I am really grateful that I did – I cannot wait to attend!

So check out the following links to see if any up-and-coming talks sparked your interest!


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