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History of Art at University of York – 4th place in the national rankings

I just wanted to say a massive well done to the History of Art Department at University of York for being ranked in 4th place in The Sunday Times University Guide 2015!  It’s a great success and I couldn’t agree more with the outcome. I have written many times throughout my blog, History of Art at York is amazing. All those working within the department should be extremely proud with themselves – I know for certain that all I could write in the National Student Survey regarding my time here were positive things. I hope everyone who still studies at York, or will soon be joining, will experience the outstanding work within the department. Well done!

J’ai fini!

Wow, I cannot quite believe that I am writing this post. It’s official. Yesterday I graduated from York with a First! I am over the moon! It was such a lovely ceremony, and it was great to see everyone before and after. Despite my gown taking every opportunity to try and wriggle its way off me, I managed to survive the graduate fashion. After the graduation ceremony, the History of Art department hosted a lovely get together with some yummy pastries and drinks! From there, me and my family ventured onto the Minster to take some photos by York’s iconic building. I don’t like the thought of calling myself a graduate now… I am still a student at heart! So now I have a month before I move to Paris for the year, and from there, I plan to begin studying for a Masters in History of Art so do expect more to come from my blog! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day yesterday – everyone looked so lovely, and it was sad not too …

Mondrian and his studios: Tate Liverpool

This summer blockbuster at the Tate Liverpool is co-curated by our very own  departmental tutor and lecturer, Michael White. Having opened on 6th June until 5th October 2014, ‘Mondrian and his studios’ explores not only the significance of Piet Mondrian’s work in the development of abstract art, but also the relationship between his paintings and the space around them. The exhibition demonstrates the contrast between the artworks Mondrian created in Amsterdam, Paris and New York, as we see the development in his ideas and the impact of his different surroundings.  A life size reconstruction of Mondrian’s Paris studio allows visitors a chance to absorb themselves in Mondrian’s world.  Together with a companion exhibition, Mondrian and Colour which runs at Turner Contemporary until September 21st, the exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of Mondrian’s death. This exhibition is definitely worth a visit! Go Michael and the rest of the team!

Careers in Art History: Inspiration & Possibilities

This Friday (Week 9, 20th June 2014), the History of Art department has organised a careers-orientated event which sees department alumni returning to speak to current students about their careers. These alumni will  offer insights into, and advice on entering, the working world. The event is a unique opportunity to hear about the career paths, personal experiences and strategic career choices of people who have studied art history.   It takes place from 1pm in the Bowland Lecture Theatre (Berrick Saul Building) on campus. Events like these are really invaluable to attend, especially as we’re all coming either to the end of our degree or thinking about the future. One of the things that I have learnt throughout the years is that sometimes it’s who you know which is so important – so go and learn something, and do some networking!   To sign up for the event go to this website:   If you have any questions etc, get in contact with Dr Chad Elias! (

Surviving 48 hour open book exams

48 hour open exams sound tough, and I’m not going to lie, they are incredibly daunting as there is so much time pressure on you to attempt to write two well written essays. However, I think that there are many different things that you can before and during to help ease the pressure and anxiety of the exam process. The following blog post presents many different tips and advice that I have learnt throughout my own experience of completing a 48 hour open exam. If you can think of anything that I have missed, or if you have any tips that you believe should be on here comment below! During term: Note-taking: Try and take the best notes that you can during your seminars/lectures and meetings with your tutors- with history of art, tutors don’t give us the seminar notes like other subjects do, so it’s your responsibility to write everything down – even if you don’t think it’s relevant at the time, it might just be in the future. Try also to make notes …

The Norman Rae Gallery: ‘Afterlife’

The Norman Rea Gallery in Derwent College is currently hosting a series of photographs by Emily Garthwaite. Portraying various scenes such as portraits and landscape photographs, this series captures a poignant and personal journey around India. In September 2013, Garthwaite embarked on a ‘pilgrimage’ around India to follow her family history. Garthwaite travels with her camera and her grandmother’s ashes in order to visually capture the spiritual and personal journey through India to choose the perfect spot to scatter these ashes. Garthwaite invites us on this poignant journey through her identity and heritage. The exhibition runs from February 24th to March 7th. I haven’t seen the exhibition yet, but plan on going next week and hopefully will aim to write a brief review of it. This is the last exhibition of the term, so don’t miss out! If you want to learn a bit more about the exhibition check out the Norman Rea Gallery website: