Paris by Arrondissement

Paris by Arrondissement, Things to see and do in Paris

Paris is divided into twenty arrondissements – each are very different, giving this city its wonderful vibrancy. For those who don’t know the layout of Paris, above is a map showing these different arrondissements. Arranged in a clockwise spiral that begins at the centre of the city, the different arrondissements produces a shape somewhat like a snail shell – imagining the city like this really helped me visualize where each arrondissement is without having to think too hard about it!

Interested in seeing what the various arrondissements have in store? Well check out my different arrondissement categories, to explore the different parts of Paris.

1st Arrondissement | 2nd Arrondissement | 3rd Arrondissement 4th Arrondissement

5th Arrondissement | 6th Arrondissement | 7th Arrondissement

8th Arrondissement | 9th Arrondissement | 10th Arrondissement

11th Arrondissement | 12th Arrondissement

13th Arrondissement | 14th Arrondissement 15th Arrondissement

 16th Arrondissement | 17th Arrondissement | 18th Arrondissement 19th Arrondissement | 20th Arrondissement


A quick tip: to find out what arrondissement places are located in, just check the last two digits of the post-code. Paris postcodes begin with 750 – and the last two digits are the arrondissement – eg. 75017 is the 17th arrondissement, 75001 – 1st arrondissement, etc.