What a year – Au revoir à Paris et bonjour à Oxford!

Notre-Dame Cathedral and Gargoyle, Paris - Black and White Photo

As I sit here eagerly attempting to write down what an incredible year I have had, I cannot believe that a year has passed since I said goodbye to family and friends and headed off towards the city of light. A year today, my Parisian adventure began. It’s safe to say that it has ended much too quickly.

There is absolutely no way in which I can describe the amazing time I have had the past year. I met some of my best friends; and I fell deeply, and madly in love with this beautiful city. Even though my year as an Au Pair in Paris might be over, my love affair with the city will always be forever – I vow it to myself to move over there at some point, to be able to call it home once again.

As the saying goes, one door closes and another opens. For as of the end of September, I begin a whole new and different journey – I venture off to the ‘City of Dreaming Spires‘, Oxford, to begin graduate school and cannot wait! Whilst there for the year, I shall call Jesus College my home and will be delving into the world of Medieval Gothic history.

As for the time before I commence my studies, I will continue blogging – mostly still of Paris! I have tons more blog posts ready to post about Paris, and will continue to do so. I will also be going out to Paris for a weekend in two weeks, and will definitely be visiting more of the places I never had a chance to last year!

For now, keep checking out my blog and un gros bisous x

Roisin and the facade of Rouen Cathedral, France

6 thoughts on “What a year – Au revoir à Paris et bonjour à Oxford!

    1. Thank you so much Beth – that means a lot! I will continue blogging about Paris, and definitely will be doing the same with Oxford – very different places, but both very interesting 🙂 x


  1. I’ll sure be reading your upcoming posts about Paris! Will you be doing some about Oxford? I love the city, and I love your photos too so I’m sure you’ll take beautiful shots. Good luck with going back to studying, Gothic medieval history sounds amazing!

    Julia xx
    | http://www.juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr |
    Last post: my vintage-inspired makeup look!


    1. Hi Julia, thanks for your comment! I will definitely be doing lots of blog posts about Oxford – found some places me thinks are hidden gems, so keep checking out! I’ll also blog about the life of an Oxford student, as there are so many traditions that I am only just learning of, so it would be very interesting to write about them.

      Thanks for your kind words! Although I’m very nervous about going back to studies, I am excited at the same time 😀


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