My first week at Oxford University

The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

If you had told me this time last year, or the year before that (in fact, any year!) I would not believe you when saying that I have just finished my first week here as a student at Oxford University.

Before the course officially starts in October, many of us medieval history students are taking a three-week intensive Latin course. Although the thought of taking this Latin course scared me immensely before arriving, I’m starting to get into the swing of things. I guess the hardest thing for my mind to get around is all the grammar, which we have been doing A LOT of.

Besides the Latin and many headaches from over thinking (it’s been a while for me!), I am loving my time here at Oxford. Oxford is such a pretty city, full of architectural history that makes aimlessly wandering around the various streets and passages really enjoyable. There are also so many pubs, which I’m sure I’ll be frequenting soon!

As I was settling into life as a student here, I was blessed to have my parents with me for a few days. Despite the weather being pretty grim, it was lovely to explore the city and be to be fed! Here are just a few photos that my Dad took whilst here this week.

I’ll be keeping you all posting on my continuing adventure here at Oxford University!

The Radcliffe Camera Oxford

Christ Church College, Oxford

The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

Oxford University

4 thoughts on “My first week at Oxford University

  1. Beware of alcohol!  It’s too easy.Good luck and very best wishes.  It is going to be great fun.  I hated Latin at School, though I did get an O level, more by cane than interest. It would have been much easier if I’d been a Catholic then, and it would have made sense.  I wasn’t told that it was a language, just rote learning.  Private education can be poor.  It made learning Spanish much easier though. With our love Ted and Moya


  2. Is this the fortnight pre-term Latin?! I did that last year and have lived to tell the tale!! Just going into the 2nd year of my DPhil at Oxford and the Latin has helped immensely! Hope you’re enjoying Oxford! x


  3. Your father took great photos! Latin is quite hard at the beginning because of the the grammar as you said, but it becomes fun when you start translations! (well, I thought it was fun when I did Latin haha)
    Oxford is a wonderful city, have you been to the Pitt Rivers Museum? It is fascinating!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards! I really enjoy reading your blog, and that’s a way of letting you know it! If you’d like to see what this is all about, check out my post about it right here:

    Julia xx


  4. Hi roisin,thanks for (new post)_photos.etc granpa is home hurrah I have spme thoughts on lectures that i will discuss with yousometime love granx



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