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Exeter College Chapel at the University of Oxford Dr Strange Marvel Film

Exeter College Oxford as seen in Marvel’s Dr Strange

When I was back in Oxford, around January time, there were rumours flying everywhere that the Benedict Cumberbatch was to grace his presence at Exeter College filming for a new movie. Whilst it turned out that the whispers of Cumberbatch’s appearance were false, Exeter College chapel did turn out to be a filming location for a movie that he was in: Marvel’s Dr Strange. I went to see the new Dr Strange movie last night, and it was so cool seeing Exeter College chapel in the middle of the film with Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. The movie reminds me a lot like Inception with its kaleidoscopic scenes and manipulated cityscapes, and the same happens to the interior of Exeter College chapel. Here are a few of my favourite photos that I’ve taken in the chapel, alongside with the screenshots from the Dr Strange film – I would definitely recommend seeing it. Yay for Oxford University being used in Hollywood blockbuster films!

Graduation from University of Oxford

Graduating with a Master’s from the University of Oxford

Who would have thought it this time two years ago, after graduating from the University of York, I would be graduating with a Master’s degree from Oxford? I certainly didn’t. Oxford has always had this mysterious and enigmatic presence in my life. When I was smaller, I remember thinking how amazing it would be to attend and study here, but never in my wildest dreams did I actually think I would have gone there. And now I have finished! This year has probably been one of the quickest in my life to date. My course was only 9 months long. The shortness of my degree meant that a lot was crammed into a little amount of time. This included the huge task of learning languages such as Latin and Medieval French at the same time. Whilst at times many lamented how hard, demanding, and tiring the course was – I found it incredibly interesting, and never once did I think that maybe I should have been doing something else. I loved it. However, this year …

#Elevate with Shia LaBeouf, Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö, Oxford University

Sharing an elevator with Shia LaBeouf, Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkkö #Elevate

Last Friday began like any other. I was preparing for a weekend trip to London that afternoon, so got my bags packed, did some work and reading, took a book from the library. Totally normal. Except, me and my housemate decided that we would check out what Shia LaBeouf was up to in Oxford. Yes, Shia LaBeouf was on Oxford (!) Pause for a moment whilst I stop squealing. So for those who not familiar, the Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf has brought his focus to the world of performance art, and has done some many interesting things in the past. He is part of a trio which includes Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö, making them ‘LaBeouf, Turner, Rönkkö’. One of the last things they did was occupy a gallery room in Liverpool’s FACT, answering the public’s calls in an attempt to ‘touch their soul’. I tried calling 200 times to no avail. So when I heard that the trio were going to be occupying a lift in the centre of Oxford for 24 hours, I had …

Christmas at Christ Church College, University of Oxford

Oxmas: Merry Christmas from Oxford

What a crazy couple of months it has been for me! I officially finished my first term here at Oxford, and have been enjoying the Christmas holidays so far (except for when I’m attempting to write an essay!) I have been having an amazing time at Oxford, and am so appreciative for this incredible opportunity to study in such an awe-inpsiring place with so many interesting people. What does make me sad is the fact that have neglected my blog for such a long time. Despite wanting to update my blog on a weekly basis, I have just struggled to find the time last term. However, I’ll make it my 2016 New Year’s resolution to keep up the blogging! There has been some really interesting things that have happened over the last term here at Oxford, and I hope to blog about them soon. Wishing all my readers and everyone out there a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Roisin x  

Matriculation, Oxford University 2015

A Traditional beginning at Oxford University – Matriculation

Last month I experienced one of the many traditions here at Oxford University – Matriculation. Having never heard or done anything like this before, the whole Matriculation phenomenon mystified me. Matriculation is the formal process of when new students become ‘life members’ of the university. It is compulsory for new students at Oxford to matriculate, otherwise you cannot sit exams nor finish your degree! For this event, we were required to wear what is known as ‘sub-fusc’ – a dress code that is both important for Matriculation, but also for future exam taking. So there we were early one Saturday morning, catching up with one another in the Jesus College MCR where we were given some breakfast delights (including some cheeky prosecco). After the formal fresher photos and of course a generous amount of selfies, the beginning part of the Matriculation began. Two by two, we all lined up in the college squads, and then walked through the streets of Oxford toward the Sheldonian Theatre. This whole process was incredibly surreal – walking through the …

Jesus College Oxford, University of Oxford

Jesus College, University of Oxford

After much anticipation and excitement, I can now call Jesus College my new home for this year. When I first came to visit Oxford University, I fell in love with Jesus College. Made up of three quads, a chapel and a beautiful dining hall, what is there not to love about Jesus! Jesus College is incredibly peaceful, and as you sit in one of the quads enjoying the fine weather we’ve had for the past two weeks (not any more sadly…), you cannot help but feel as if you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are some wonderful photos that myself and my dad took around the college. To quickly summarise a bit about Jesus College for those interested: Queen Elizabeth 1st founded Jesus College on 27th June 1571, making it the first Protestant college founded at Oxford University. Jesus College is a relatively small college when compared to some of the other bigger ones at Oxford with 340 undergraduates, 190 graduates, 68 Fellows and 20 College lecturers. …