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Notre-Dame Cathedral and Gargoyle, Paris - Black and White Photo

What a year – Au revoir à Paris et bonjour à Oxford!

As I sit here eagerly attempting to write down what an incredible year I have had, I cannot believe that a year has passed since I said goodbye to family and friends and headed off towards the city of light. A year today, my Parisian adventure began. It’s safe to say that it has ended much too quickly.

Oxford Post-Graduate Trip

After what feels like a decade away from academia, my mother and I ventured to the quaint city that is Oxford to have a noisy around the University and Colleges. As many may have read throughout my blogging, I am hoping to continue further study after my year in Paris and want to complete a Masters focusing on Medieval History of Art. As I will be away for the next year, I thought it was probably wise to get started in looking at potential universities so that I get a ‘proper’ feel for the place before applying. I have only been to Oxford once, and that was when I was only a small child so my memories of the city are quite limited! The city is beautiful. It shares many similarities with York, which I love. One of the main advantages of the university is that it is spread out throughout the entire city. Oxford truly is the University’s city. I am not saying at all that I did not enjoy the centralised nature of …