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Careers in Art History: Inspiration & Possibilities

This Friday (Week 9, 20th June 2014), the History of Art department has organised a careers-orientated event which sees department alumni returning to speak to current students about their careers. These alumni will  offer insights into, and advice on entering, the working world. The event is a unique opportunity to hear about the career paths, personal experiences and strategic career choices of people who have studied art history.


It takes place from 1pm in the Bowland Lecture Theatre (Berrick Saul Building) on campus. Events like these are really invaluable to attend, especially as we’re all coming either to the end of our degree or thinking about the future. One of the things that I have learnt throughout the years is that sometimes it’s who you know which is so important – so go and learn something, and do some networking!


To sign up for the event go to this website: http://doodle.com/mzswt3wa57ddnvui.   If you have any questions etc, get in contact with Dr Chad Elias! (chad.elias@york.ac.uk)

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