Paris awaits

Sainte-Chapelle exterior
A photo I took of the Sainte-Chapelle exterior
Some of the amazing stained glass windows in Sainte-Chapelle
Inside Sainte-Chapelle. Isn’t it incredible?!
A blurry photograph of a bust reliquary found within the quiet Notre-Dame treasury.
Inside to Notre-Dame Cathedral. Look at those vaults!
Inside Notre-Dame Cathedral. The lighting is extremely atmospheric in there – very awe-inspiring.
Notre-Dame photo-bombing one of the many bridges with love locks.

Three weeks today, myself and my fellow students on the ‘Death and Devotion’ module will be travelling to Paris for the week, and I cannot wait! I was lucky enough to go to Paris in the summer with my family, and going again with the department will be an incredibly enriching experience. We will be heading to Sainte-Chapelle, Notre Dame Cathedral, St Denis and venturing out to explore Chartres Cathedral. I have never been to St Denis or Chartres, so it will be great to experience some new, as well as familiar sites. 

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