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Grande Roue - Ferris Wheel, Paris, July 2015

A view from above from the Ferris Wheel in the Jardin des Tuileries

Every year within a section of the Jardin des Tuileries, the garden turns into a lively fête foraine (summer fairground), and this year sees its 30th anniversary. With over 80 different attractions to explore and experience, the Fête des Tuileries is great for all the family. Recently I headed up la Grand Roue, aka the Ferris wheel, to see some amazing views of Paris above. I decided to ascend in the evening, with the hope of seeing the incredible sunset from overhead. Even though I didn’t, the views of the city did not fail to impress as always. Here are a few photos that I took. If you would like to head up the Grand Roue, the Fête des Tuileries is open until 23rd August 2015.

La Tour Saint-Jacques, Paris

Ascending the mysterious La Tour Saint-Jacques

Have you ever walked past this big tower near Hôtel de ville on Rue de Rivoli, and thought ‘what is that?!’ If so, you’re not alone, with myself included. I have often been around this mysterious tower, and known nothing about it… untill now. What you are viewing is la Tour Saint-Jacques. Built in the early 16th century, the tower was part of the church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie (yes you might have guessed it – ‘Saint James of the Butchery’). However, the church was demolished during the French Revolution in 1797, and all that remains today is the tower. After lots of reconstruction beginning in the 19th century and finishing in 2009, the tower was given a new facelift and brought back to its original splendor. However, la Tour Saint-Jacques still possesses an air of mystery. While you can access the square surrounding it, it’s another story with the tower itself. Often I have found myself by its gates, wondering if the lock preventing people from entering is ever unlocked – and only last week were …

Berlin Instagram

Weekend in Berlin

What a weekend! I have a surprise for many of you (for those who follow my instagram account, the surprise is unfortunately ruined…). Last weekend in France was a holiday, which meant that we had a four-day weekend. With so much time off, I decided it was the perfect time to go and visit one of my best friends, Sally. So, I headed of to Berlin! Yes, I spent the four-day weekend exploring the city and hanging out with one of my dearest pals. Berlin is an awesome city. It was my first time there, and to Germany! Having studied German for five years with the expectation of going to visit the country with my family, you can probably imagine how excited I was to finally go. There is something really interesting about Berlin. As we wandered the city, I felt as if there was not ‘one’ Berlin. The capital is incredibly diverse, and as you progress around the city, it almost feels as if you yourself are traveling through different cultures and countries. Berlin …

The Promenade Plantee, Paris

The Promenade Plantée – A hidden gem of Paris

Located in the 12th arrondissement is one of Paris’ hidden gems. The Promenade Plantée, also known as the Coulée Verte René-Dumont (tree-lined walkway en Anglais), is an exquisite promenade that stretches just under 3 miles (around 4.7 kilometers) spanning from the Bois de Vincennes to Place de la Bastille, via the old Vincennes rail line. Having walked across New York’s High Line last October, I was convinced that it was unique to the American city. However, Paris’ Promenade Plantée was in fact the very first green space constructed to form a public park/promenade, as it was inaugurated in 1993. Similar to New York’s High Line, the Promenade Plantée was erected from a disused railway line The entire promenade is aligned with a variety of beautiful flowers, plants and trees. It was almost like walking through a perfumery – the sheer amount of different plants was not only aesthetically magnificent, but also nice on the nose! The Promenade Plantée offers a variety of wonderful sights and experiences. Part of the promenade follows the route across a wooden …

The best and most inspiring Parisian Based Instagram accounts to follow!

Top 15 most inspiring Parisian Instagram accounts to follow

I’m definitely not the first to admit this but, I love instagram. In fact, I might even be somewhat of an addict. As one of the first things I look at in the morning and the last at night, instagram is a fantastic way of seeing how others view the world that we live in. I’ve also found instagram great for learning more about this amazing city that I live in. From discovering new cafes or places to visit, to different ways to photograph many of the iconic sights here in Paris, instagram is invaluable. With all this said, and my addiction proudly declared to the world, I have composed a list of just some of my favourite Parisian based instagram accounts and photographers. ‘Some’ is used in the context that I probably could have chosen hundreds of accounts to include, but that would take forever and most definitely be never ending! So let me know some of your favourites as I love learning about new people to follow 🙂 Paris in Four Months (Instagram and Blog) I have been …