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Top 15 most inspiring Parisian Instagram accounts to follow

The best and most inspiring Parisian Based Instagram accounts to follow!

I’m definitely not the first to admit this but, I love instagram. In fact, I might even be somewhat of an addict. As one of the first things I look at in the morning and the last at night, instagram is a fantastic way of seeing how others view the world that we live in. I’ve also found instagram great for learning more about this amazing city that I live in. From discovering new cafes or places to visit, to different ways to photograph many of the iconic sights here in Paris, instagram is invaluable. With all this said, and my addiction proudly declared to the world, I have composed a list of just some of my favourite Parisian based instagram accounts and photographers. ‘Some’ is used in the context that I probably could have chosen hundreds of accounts to include, but that would take forever and most definitely be never ending! So let me know some of your favourites as I love learning about new people to follow 🙂

Paris in Four Months (Instagram and Blog)

Paris in Four Months

I have been a huge fan of Paris in Four Months, even before I came out to Paris this year. A photographer and blogger, Carin Olsson posts beautifully bright instagrams. So whenever you’re feeling down and blue, be sure to check out her account for some cheering up. Olsson’s blog will provide you with much travel envy!

Where Kate Resides (Instagram and Blog

Where Kate Resides Instagram account

Some of you may already have met my friend Kate through my other posts within my blog. Kate is one of my best friends here, and is not only a fellow au pair, but a fellow instagramer and blogger. Kate is awesome at photography, and every time we meet up and venture around the city, she always finds something magical to photograph.

o_reilly_s (Instagram and Blog)


Aurélie’s instagram photos have a retro-vintage feeling to them, and offers an interesting insight into her various journeys. As stated in her ‘about me’, her account truly is the perfect representation of ‘Les flâneries d’Aurélie’, to which we can all follow too. I love her blog as well – which is both in French and English, meaning that I get to practice my French! Aurélie always find new places to explore in the city, which in turn inspires people like me – so many thanks to Aurélie!

Lost in Cheeseland (Instagram and Blog)

Lost in Cheeseland

One can always trust on Lindsey Traumuta’s instagram feed for Parisian inspiration – whether that be new locations to visit in the city, or perhaps the various hidden cafés to go an try for yourself. I am also obsessed with Lindsey’s blog. Before coming to Paris (and whilst still being here of course), I spent numerous hours exploring her various posts getting inspiration for my upcoming move to this beautiful city. Both Lindsey’s instagrams and blog posts are really inspiring, and definitely worth favouriting if you haven’t already.

La Denicheuse (Instagram and Blog)


Sophie’s posts include a nice mixture of everything Parisian – ranging from the typical views of the city’s beautiful rues, to mouth-watering meals and food. I find that her photos have a fresh and young vibe, which I really like.

VuTheara (Instagram and Blog)


For those who do not live in Paris, make sure you check out VuTheara’s instagram account. VuTheara’s account represents his fascination with light, street photography and the urban environment. He captures the daily life of Parisians and the stunning architecture of the city with exquisite detail and from incredible perspectives. Even if you’re far away from Paris, just looking through VuTheara’s instagrams transport you to the city of love.

Making Magique (Instagram and Blog)

Making Magique

It seems that, a long with all the other people mentioned in this blog post, Haleigh Chasten Wlasworth aka Making Magique is definitely living the dream here in Paris, and her instagrams truly represent this. Making Magique blends beautiful pastel shades to capture the dreamy and magical quality of Paris and her daily life. However, it’s not just Paris that is included on her feed – check out many of her fashion and beauty posts.

Lauren Lou Bate (Instagram and Blog)

Lauren Lou Bate

Lauren Lou is an Australian Parisian, and her instagram account showcases her stunning photographs. Lauren also posts photos of her various trips – so travel along with her throughout her journey here in Paris and other places!

Katie Mitchell Photography (Instagram and Blog)

Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell is a wedding photographer, and her instagrams are incredibly beautiful. Not only does Katie post photographs of the city of love, but she also includes the odd photograph of her clients – those in love in the city of love. If you’re looking for some inspiration of where to get either some good selfie photos or group photos etc, check out Katie’s instagram account to view some amazing locations in Paris.

Am_Bitieuse (Instagram and Blog)

Am Bitieuse

A Mexican girl based in Paris, Ylenia’s instagram account and blog, aka Ambitious, is full of colour and vibrancy. Ylenia posts a blend of fashion and lifestyle. Her blog also has a heavy focus on fashion, and both Ylenia’s blog and instagram account are great for inspiration, and of course fashion envy!

Journey into La Ville Lumiere (Instagram and Blog)

Journey into La Ville Lumiere

Hana is originally from Slovakia, but has been living in Paris since January 2013. During this time, she has posted exquisite photos of La Ville Lumiere, making even those like me who live here jealous! Hana has a knack of taking wonderful shots, which often range from fashion to lifestyle. Name it, and Hana does it.

My Beautiful Pari (Instagram and Blog)

My Beautiful Pari

Norma Thiessen (also known for her blog My Beautiful Paris), takes a myriad of beautiful images of in and around Paris. However, not only does she takes photos of sights around her, but also join her on her journey across the world. Oh, and you’ll also see the odd photograph of her delightfully cute dog Oscar!

Arthur Gosse (Instagram)

Arthur Gosse

The one thing that you’ll be able to notice about Arthur’s photographs is that he manages to perfectly capture the daily life of the city, without being imposing. Arthur’s instagrams also show his versatility for perspective, which in turns help inspires people like myself when we next visit specific sites. Follow him to be transported through a true Flaneur journey around Paris.

Celicelo (Instagram)


Céline’s photos are always different, never the same. Playing around with a variety of colours, perespctives and scenes in her instagrams, Céline’s photographs are beautiful. Not only does she post images from in and around Paris, but also of her various travels – get ready to have some travel jealousy!

Callicles (Instagram and VSCO)


There is something very tranquil about Sam J’s images. It’s almost like you are physically present at the scene, peering around the corner of the various rues, glimpsing the sights for yourself.

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Roisin Astell received a First Class Honours in History of Art at the University of York (2014), under the supervision of Dr Emanuele Lugli. After spending a year learning French in Paris, Roisin then completed an MSt. in Medieval Studies at the University of Oxford (2016), where she was supervised by Professor Gervase Rosser and Professor Martin Kauffmann. In 2017, Roisin was awarded a CHASE AHRC studentship as a doctoral candidate at the University of Kent’s Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, under the supervision of Dr Emily Guerry.


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