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Paris trip 2014: Day 2

After a long and tiring previous day, we had to get up extra early in order to catch our morning train to Chartres. Located outside of Paris, our journey consisted of traveling on a double-decker train! (I’ve been on such trains before, but every time I go on one I still act like a small child getting all exciting at experiencing something different!) When we arrived at Chartres, we were welcomed by a hazy morning mist which surrounded the top of the ┬ácathedral’s western towers. The photo above does not do the scene we saw justice, it was truly magical. The first thing on our agenda of the day, was heading down to the crypt to have a guided tour. Despite the tour being in French (and my French is not so good!), it was still really interesting to have a look at the previous Romanesque chapels. The crypt of Chartres Cathedral was once used as a hospital, so it seems somewhat surreal to imagine ill people resting below (the crypt was not the warmest …

Bye York, hello Paris!

So today I am off to Paris with my current module – The Virgin’s Places: Chartres, Siena and Castile. During our week away we will spend the day visiting Chartres Cathedral, which I was lucky to go to the last time I was in Paris with Autumn’s module, Death and Devotion. I love Chartres Cathedral, as it’s a beautiful space – it’s so big and overwhelming. As well as spending the day outside of Paris in Chartres, we will be going to Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Lourve. I will also, in any spare time that we have, go and visit the Sainte-Chapelle – probably my favourite place in Paris! I will try and blog some photos about our trip, so keep checking back! I hope everyone has a great week, whether you’re a third year also going away (I know some people are going to Rome this week with the History of Art department!), or if you’re still in York.  

Back from Paris, back to reality

  So for some reason WordPress deleted a post that I wrote last week about the last two days of my Paris trip! How annoying. Anyway! So, I have returned from my Paris trip and it was amazing! It really does make a huge difference seeing the objects that you’ve been learning about in person. As ┬ámentioned in a previous post, I went to Paris in the summer and went to some of the places that I returned to on my HoA trip. It was really interesting coming back, with the new knowledge that we have been learning about in the last few weeks, and I cannot believe how I experienced the same spaces in a new light. For the last few weeks in ‘Death and Devotion’, we have been focusing on the Gothic architecture in Paris, focusing on St Denis, Chartres Cathedral (just a little outside Paris) and Saint-Chapelle. It was great to see Chartres in person. I have never been there before, and it was incredible to get the opportunity to explore. The …