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Marche Républicaine, Je suis Charlie, Paris

Marche Républicaine

Yesterday was a day of unity and defiance in Paris, as nearly four million people joined in France’s biggest rally in history. The purpose of the march was to pay respect and remember the victims of the attacks this week, to show solidarity, and to show the nation’s values of liberté, égalité, fraternité. I am truly honoured to have been able to be part of this moment in history, and my own experience of the march was unforgettable. As we waited to walk, the atmosphere in the Place de la République was extraordinary. This was really an occasion of harmony, as people of all ages, religions and nationalities were part of the rally. Adorning the crowds were messages of ‘Je suis Charlie’ and ‘Nous sommes Charlie’, not only in French but in various other languages including Arabic. Other declared ‘Nous some la République’, ‘Je suis Musilm’ and one noticeable sign I saw, read: ‘Je préfère mourir debout que vivre à genoux’ (‘I’d rather die standing than live on your knees’). There were also hundreds of …

Place de la République, #jesuischarlie

Place de la République, #jesuischarlie

At 11am on Thursday 8th January I decided to go to the Place de la République, where the night before vigils took place for those whose lives were taken away the previous day during the Charlie Hebdo attack. Surrounding the monument at the centre of the Place were many tributes, which included candles, pens and flowers. Furthermore, as I walked around it was hard to not notice the repetitive inscriptions of ‘Je suis Charlie’ on the ground. What was poignant was that these sentences were not only written in French, but in a variety of languages including Arabic. It was incredibly moving to see the what was left from the previous night’s gathering, and below are some of the photos that I took. This Sunday I will be attending a Marche Républicane to pay hommage to the victims of all these attacks. (See more on my Flickr album here: