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Sunset in Cassis, France

Sunset of Cassis

I have just returned from a wonderful week down in the South of France in Cassis with my fantastic host-family. Many of you may already know that I spent a week there back in April. Having had an unforgettable time back in spring, I was looking forward to heading back down to enjoy the summer. Summer it definitely is, with the temperatures ranging between 30 degrees and higher, many a time I thought I would melt into the ground. With the nights being long and the weather so perfect, I was able to watch many of the sunsets here in the South. Below are just a few photos of the sun setting here in Cassis. There’s something truly magical watching the sky change colours as the sun descends for another day. Advertisements

Berlin Instagram

Weekend in Berlin

What a weekend! I have a surprise for many of you (for those who follow my instagram account, the surprise is unfortunately ruined…). Last weekend in France was a holiday, which meant that we had a four-day weekend. With so much time off, I decided it was the perfect time to go and visit one of my best friends, Sally. So, I headed of to Berlin! Yes, I spent the four-day weekend exploring the city and hanging out with one of my dearest pals. Berlin is an awesome city. It was my first time there, and to Germany! Having studied German for five years with the expectation of going to visit the country with my family, you can probably imagine how excited I was to finally go. There is something really interesting about Berlin. As we wandered the city, I felt as if there was not ‘one’ Berlin. The capital is incredibly diverse, and as you progress around the city, it almost feels as if you yourself are traveling through different cultures and countries. Berlin …


Geneva: Photo Diary

This is a very belated account of my mini-adventure to Geneva in February. So with out delay, here it is: The day after my return from the Alps to Paris, an early 4am start took me onto my next adventure: less than two days in the city of Geneva with one of my best friends, Kate (don’t forget to check out her blog! Unfortunately for us, Geneva welcomed us with grey skies and light rain. Despite this, we were determined to make the most of the hours that we had in this fascinating city. Our first day consisted of wandering around the streets, taking in all the different architecture. Whilst also looking in the windows in a few of the designer shops. Our first ‘tourist attraction’ was Saint Pierre Cathedral, situated in the old part of the city. I was surprised that the Cathedral was begun in the 12th century, and was therefore immediately captivated. In addition, we decided to head on down into the Archaeological site directly underneath the cathedral, wherein we explored …

Skiing holiday, 2015

Skiing in the Alps, 2015

Recently I was lucky enough to go away on holiday with my Au Pair family for the week to their house in the Alps. Getting there required an 8 hour car journey from Paris, with an overnight stay near Lyon. After spending the majority of the journey sleeping or reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, one can only imagine the sheer excitement that I experienced once we turned a corner and the beautiful snow-covered mountains welcomed us. My Au Pair family’s house is located in a small city in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, called Barcelonnette. Here, you are surrounded by mountains, of which the peak of the highest is around 3412m – very high indeed! Once we arrived at the house, it was clear that it had snowed for a long time before our arrival. Therefore, we had to make the most of it! After loading everything into the house, the kids and I put on our snow gear, grabbed a sledge each, and headed to the nearest hill for some sledging! (Which in French is: faire de la luge) That evening, the eldest …

Places to visit in 2015

In 2014 I was incredibly lucky to travel to some amazing places. Some were cities I was visiting again, and others were my first ever experiences. In February I went to Paris with my University (I did not know at the time that I would soon be living there!), March saw a romantic weekend away to Edinburgh as a present from my boyfriend, July included a visit to Ireland for my cousin’s wedding and August saw me and my boyfriend going to Amsterdam. After officially moving to Paris in September, October was when my family and I flew across the Atlantic ocean to New York city for a week holiday, and just after then also went to Madrid to visit my boyfriend. Just writing and thinking about all these amazing cities and countries I’ve been to in 2014, makes me feel all nostalgic. With the New Year here, I thought I’d create a travel bucket list of all the places I hope to visit in 2015 – let me know if you’ve been there, and some great …

Palace of Versailles, France

A Flea Market and Versailles

  As previously mentioned, this weekend the family’s previous Au Pair Ruth came to visit. It was lovely to finally meet Ruth in person, as she was incredibly helpful during the run up of my arrival in Paris. As well as going to Jay Z and Beyonce on the Saturday night (have I already mentioned how amazing they were!?), on Sunday morning we headed over to a local ‘Flea Market’. On this occasion I think the description ‘Flea Market’ is a little off, probably a glorified car boot sale (with out the cars or their boots…) would suffice. Anyway, we spent a good hour looking around, and items that were on sale varied a great deal. There was the usual, such as books, old clothes and toys. However, the odd stall was selling some very interesting stuff. One woman had boxes and boxes of free fur for sale. I was really tempted to buy one that could act as a throw for my chair (for €20, that’s not too bad), but I think my conscience altered me …

Paris trip 2014: Day 2

After a long and tiring previous day, we had to get up extra early in order to catch our morning train to Chartres. Located outside of Paris, our journey consisted of traveling on a double-decker train! (I’ve been on such trains before, but every time I go on one I still act like a small child getting all exciting at experiencing something different!) When we arrived at Chartres, we were welcomed by a hazy morning mist which surrounded the top of the  cathedral’s western towers. The photo above does not do the scene we saw justice, it was truly magical. The first thing on our agenda of the day, was heading down to the crypt to have a guided tour. Despite the tour being in French (and my French is not so good!), it was still really interesting to have a look at the previous Romanesque chapels. The crypt of Chartres Cathedral was once used as a hospital, so it seems somewhat surreal to imagine ill people resting below (the crypt was not the warmest …