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Places to visit in 2015

In 2014 I was incredibly lucky to travel to some amazing places. Some were cities I was visiting again, and others were my first ever experiences. In February I went to Paris with my University (I did not know at the time that I would soon be living there!), March saw a romantic weekend away to Edinburgh as a present from my boyfriend, July included a visit to Ireland for my cousin’s wedding and August saw me and my boyfriend going to Amsterdam. After officially moving to Paris in September, October was when my family and I flew across the Atlantic ocean to New York city for a week holiday, and just after then also went to Madrid to visit my boyfriend. Just writing and thinking about all these amazing cities and countries I’ve been to in 2014, makes me feel all nostalgic.

With the New Year here, I thought I’d create a travel bucket list of all the places I hope to visit in 2015 – let me know if you’ve been there, and some great things to see and do there!


(Photograph from Black Tomato website)

‘The land of Fire and Ice’ – Iceland is a surreal, magical and sublime place; and it almost seems like something out of a fairy tale. There’s something enchanting about Iceland, and the more I see photographs of the landscapes and nature, the more I hope to go. My boyfriend Malek is currently writing a lot about Iceland, and his interest in the country has spurred on my own. So much that this year we are hopefully going to plan our own little trip there, with the aim of attempting to see as much of the beautiful country as we can. In addition to the national parks with their amazing scenery, and the relaxing hot springs – a must for our visit is to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, something which I have been eager to witness all my life so far.

Prague, Czech Republic

(Photograph taken by Miroslav Petrasko, accessed on Flickr)

I am ashamed to admit it, but before last year I didn’t really know much about Prague. Then, during one of my modules during my third year, I learnt a great deal about this exquisite city. Now knowing all about the Medieval history, I am absolutely desperate to visit Prague and see for myself all the things and places that I have studied. Top on my agenda would be to explore to Prague Cathedral, and to say hello to Charles IV!

Barcelona, Spain

(Photograph accessed

Known for its vibrant and avant-garde architecture, Gaudí’s many architectural ‘signatures’ around the city as well as the relaxing beaches and of course paella, a city that I am yet to visit and have always longed to, is Barcelona. This year may be the year I finally get to go, as me and my friend Kate a thinking of making a visit for our birthdays in March – fingers crossed! One specific place that I would love to see is La sagrada Familia – an icon of the city of Barcelona, as well as an architectural enigma – a must-see.

Berlin, Germany

(Photograph accessed from

Berlin, the capital of Germany and home to a vibrant and cosmopolitan way of life, is a definite must on my travel bucket list this year. There is something about this city that has fascinated me for a long time, and I would love for the opportunity to visit the city for the first time. Having learnt a lot about Berlin in my many history lessons and lectures during the years, it would be fantastic to be able to experience Berlin’s history first hand. One of my closest friends is actually an Au Pair in Berlin, so hopefully this year I’ll get the chance to visit her and this beautiful city.


  1. Uncle Ted says

    Your proposed travels sound great.
    I visited El Museo de los Caminos in Astorga, a Gaudi creation. It has a website and you can go there when you are cycling El Camino Frances. I love Gaudi’s work and Barca has the best, I think. Mick would like you to visit the Football Stadium, they are a fantastic team!
    Are they finishing La Sagrada Familia? I’ve heard something about it.
    Go while you can!

    xxxTed and Moyaxxx


  2. Nuala Gallagher says

    HI Roisin,glad you have settled in.2014 certainly was a year of travel for you.Some places I have never been to myself.Barcelona & Berlin we have visited.But funnily enough there are parts of Liverpool, I know very little about,so 2015 will see me setting out!!!! I am off to bed now as I have a slight cold. Lots of love & thanks for your thoughtful presents which we are still enjoying Love Gran & Granpaxx


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