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This week on Instagram

This week on Instagram

On the way to class I saw the horse guards parading outside the Cathedral Notre-Dame; Attending the Saint Louis and the Arts conference at the Louvre this Saturday; it’s officially Christmas outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Spending a lovely Sunday evening in front of the fire at home; Before entering the ‘Medieval Morocco: An Empire from Africa to Spain’ exhibition at the Louvre one encounters a beautiful Grand Chandelier originally from Fez, Morocco; A current work of art by Claude Lévêque within the Louvre, a neon installation piece striking the top of the pyramid.

This week the Micro-Architecture conference took place at the Auditorium de la Galerie Colbert; The Louvre’s Pyramid looking stunning on the night of the Saint Louis and the Arts Conference; Pont de l’Archevêché showcasing it’s collection of locks gained throughout the years with the Cathedral Notre-Dame gazing in the back.


  1. Uncle Ted says

    We’ve just returned home after a day at the Wallace Collection. Marvellous. Have you been lately?
    We should have had you with us as a Guide.

    Ted and Moyaxxx


  2. Nuala Gallagher says

    Thank you Roisin our little one!! Such beautiful photos I read that the Christmas tree outside Notre Dame had come from Russia.?? Liam was over on business & popped into Eithne & Dan. I managed to phone him & have a quick word.He has returned to N/Y How are your French family?Any football? maybe it is too cold .Hope you are well Lots of love Gran & Grandpaxx


    • roisingrace says

      Hi Granny, I had no idea that the tree came from Russia! I will have to do some research about it. Its very cold here, so alas no football, but everyone is fine 🙂 lots of love xx


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