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‘And so this is Christmas’

  I cannot believe that term has finished and I am back in the comforts of family home living. This term has been hectic, but in a good way. My ‘Death and Devotion’ module has been beyond awesome – I have been completely inspired and wish I could just keep learning! My Tutor Emily has been very inspiring. I have always been interested in the Medieval period, and was always intending to hopefully continue my studies within this period, and this course has just confirmed it. From studying France and England, to Spain, Bohemia and Italy – I feel that I have traveled as a pilgrim so to speak throughout my reading and learning. Even though I’ve really enjoyed the module and all the reading, it is nice to have a break and put my feet up! This holiday will see me relaxing, catching up on readings not completed and getting all my material and revision ready for my open book exam in the beginning of January (a topic I shall not discuss any further …

Art History Christmas Party

On Wednesday 4th December 2013 at 19:30 the Art History society are hosting their annual Christmas party! Tickets cost £15, and food will take the form of a wide variety of buffet food and a glass of wine. There will also be a band performing, so check out the facebook page to keep up-to-date with information. For more information check out the facebook event page! If you want to buy your tickets you can buy them here:

My week in photos

Sorry for the lack of posts the last week. This week has been incredibly hectic for me both work and leisure wise. I thought it might be cool to try and devote a post per week which basically details what I’ve been up to through my photos! The life of an art historian here at York does not only revolve around reading, but also venturing out of the confines of the library. This week I had a lot of reading, but whilst I wasn’t reading I’ve been playing tennis when the weather has been good, and this week I went to Leeds to see one of my favourite musicians play (Johnny Flynn – he’s great to listen and relax to. I find his soothing songs very good during revision!) This following week seems busy too, but I will endeavor to post some more! I’ve get some great posts coming to keep checking my blog out. Also, if you have any questions, I’m going to answer them this week so feel free to ask away! I …

First day on campus!

It’s official. My third year has begun. We had our ‘Welcome Back’ briefing meeting today, which has mentally prepared me (and scared me a little) for what this year holds for me. This autumn term I have one module, Death and Devotion, and I shall begin to research for my dissertation. Basically, I’ll be doing a lot of reading this year, so nothing too new! It was great to see everyone back, and now the wheels are in motion and I should really begin to crack on with my work.  Good-bye summer, hello autumn!