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Guide to the BA History of Art Dissertation

My guide to the BA Dissertation

Dissertations can be pretty intimidating for anyone. The fact that this is probably the first ‘big’ essay that you have written, and may even have to write, can also add to that big black cloud that seems to loom and follow over you for your third year. However, check out my list of handy tips which will hopefully make the experience a lot more enjoyable!

Last ‘official’ teaching week

Wow. I cannot believe that I am sitting here writing a post about the last ‘official’ teaching week of my undergraduate degree. How time flies. This week has been pretty hectic, but our final seminar on Monday for ‘The Virgin’s Places’ was awesome. Our tutor Michele brought in food and drinks (including some amazing home-made focaccia), and others in the seminar group brought various treats. I made some raspberry and orange cupcakes to bring in, and sadly I wasn’t able to eat all of the delicious treats that others brought in as I have given up chocolate for Lent 😦 I’m not going to lie, it was pretty hard to turn down some mouth-watering chocolate brownies. So Easter is upon us, and for many that means a time of relaxation, catching up with family and friends and hopefully doing the odd bit of work! For us third years, this easter break will pretty much be full of writing and researching for our Dissertations. Therefore, my home for the next few weeks before I go back …

First day on campus!

It’s official. My third year has begun. We had our ‘Welcome Back’ briefing meeting today, which has mentally prepared me (and scared me a little) for what this year holds for me. This autumn term I have one module, Death and Devotion, and I shall begin to research for my dissertation. Basically, I’ll be doing a lot of reading this year, so nothing too new! It was great to see everyone back, and now the wheels are in motion and I should really begin to crack on with my work.  Good-bye summer, hello autumn!