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The last two weeks on Instagram

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of my usual ‘This week on Instagram’ posts, and without further ado, here it is. The last two weeks have been incredibly busy – I’ve ended up doing so much. But the main idea that I think one could possibly take from the last couple of days is that I have been somewhat preoccupied with Spring – Paris in Spring. As previously mentioned in my blog (and of course in future posts), Spring here in Paris is beautiful. There is something magical and dream-like to be able to wander around the various streets, especially with no aim or goal in mind. The arrival of the flowers and green luscious leaves makes for much nicer photos, and I’ve recently been trying to experiment with different angles and ways to capture the environment around me. As you will be able to tell, I’m becoming a huge fan or the sun flare and trying to get that ethereal quality to my photographs. I just hope that my filter on my lens protects my camera …

Back to York

  The weather has been pretty dismal, as I am sure many of you know! Yesterday the river Mersey was somewhat distempered, and with some mighty huge waves. Here’s a  photo that I took right before a wave swooped over the rails and got my shoes all wet; not fun. So tomorrow I leave the confines and comforts of home life, to go back to York to tackle my Death and Devotion exam. The exams this year take the form of a 48 hour open exam – basically writing two 1500 word essays over two days. Gulp. Wish me luck.

‘And so this is Christmas’

  I cannot believe that term has finished and I am back in the comforts of family home living. This term has been hectic, but in a good way. My ‘Death and Devotion’ module has been beyond awesome – I have been completely inspired and wish I could just keep learning! My Tutor Emily has been very inspiring. I have always been interested in the Medieval period, and was always intending to hopefully continue my studies within this period, and this course has just confirmed it. From studying France and England, to Spain, Bohemia and Italy – I feel that I have traveled as a pilgrim so to speak throughout my reading and learning. Even though I’ve really enjoyed the module and all the reading, it is nice to have a break and put my feet up! This holiday will see me relaxing, catching up on readings not completed and getting all my material and revision ready for my open book exam in the beginning of January (a topic I shall not discuss any further …