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Social Media Art

  Firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of blog posts so far this Easter! I’ve been pretty busy, so unfortunately have no found the time to write as much as I would have liked. I am, however, slogging away attempting to write my dissertation. It’s taking a while, and I am finding it hard (I have so much I want to say, but have no idea how to articulate it), but the show must go on! Anyway, this is a bit of a random post. I was looking on BuzzFeed the other day (my guilty pleasure), and I saw this awesome article about paintings throughout art history which have been ‘updated’ by a Ukrainian artist called Nastya Ptichek. I thought it was pretty entertaining, so have uploaded a few of her images to this post! They’re petty cool, and I think they will speak out to a lot of us who use social media. It’s very clear. So even though I am procrastinating, I have still managed to find a way of …

Art History Society Cocktail Party

In Week Ten, to see out the Spring Term in style, the Art History Society will be holding an exclusive Cocktail Party in at Sotano in York. Sotano is an awesome underground bar, specialising in inventive cocktails and craft beers from around the world. The bar are also creating a one-off menu for us, and their usual concoctions will also be available should you be in the mood to experiment further – there is definitely no excuse to miss this! So come and join fellow art historians or art lovers, on on Tuesday 11th March, from 9pm until midnight.  Tickets are £8 per person, which includes a cocktail! To get your ticket, check out the Facebook page for times when members of the society will be seeing tickets at the Vanbrugh Stalls over the next two weeks. Email with any questions or requests. For more information and the latest update, visit the Art History Facebook page :