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Amazing views from the Pantheon in Paris

The Panthéon’s Viewing Platform: best views of Paris

When I recently visited Paris, I heard the news that there was a new place to view the beautiful city from (many thanks to the wonderful Rebecca at Everyday Parisian). Located in the 5th Arrondissement, the Panthéon was originally built as a church dedicated to hold the relics of Saint Genevieve, and is now a secular mausoleum. After three years of restoration, the Panthéon’s dome is now open to the public where you can ascend the 276 steps to get amazing views of the city. You can walk around and get 360 views of the city! This is one of the most perfect places to come and visit, not only because of the magnificent vista but also because only 50 people are allowed at a time to ascend to the top, meaning that you won’t all be competing to get that best view! The climb itself up is really easy, and we were not out of breath the entire time. As you go up, you stop alongside the viewing deck at the top of the …

24 hours in Paris - what to see and do, Accor Hotels competition

24 hours in Paris: things to see and do

Inspired by Accor Hotels “24 hours in…” competition, I have decided to write up the best things to see and do in 24 hours in Paris. 24 hours is not a lot of time, and there is so much I would recommend seeing. However, I have done my very best to offer you, lovely readers, the best that Paris has to offer. One thing I tell anyone going to Paris is to forget the metro. Ok, so the metro is fine, but to really experience a city there is no better way than walking, especially in Paris. Therefore, this guide takes its inspiration on how close the various sites/sights are to one another. Bunched together in terms of location and arrondissement, this guide offers you a great insight into the beautiful city of Paris, whilst offering you things off the beaten track! To make life easier and show you that you can do all the things mentioned here in 24 hours, I have created a map showing all the places listed in this guide, and some great …

La Grande Mosquée de Paris

La Grande Mosquée de Paris

Back in October I ventured off to towards the 5th arrondissement, and headed towards the Grand Mosquée de Paris, and this weekend I had the pleasure of going back (and this time with my new camera!). The Grand Mosquée is often off the radar for tourists, and you may not have heard about it. Founded in 1926 after World War I, it is one of the largest mosques in the whole of France. Visitors are allowed to explore the mosque as long as they are respectful to worshipers attending daily prayers, and I am so grateful that we are allowed this opportunity. Having never been inside a mosque nor experienced one before coming, I was in awe at the stunning decorations and how peaceful an environment it is. Decoration wise, one feels almost transported into another country, as it radiates a Moorish and Moroccan feel. Upon entering the mosque, you are presented with the main courtyard, built from glistening white marble with arched walkways surrounding it. Taking centre place in this courtyard are two fountains situated on …