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The 2nd arrondissement is located on the right side of the bank, and is Paris’ smallest arrondissement. Situated within the 2nd arrondissement you’ll find the exquisite 19th century arcades, where one can explore along the grand passages with its luxurious shops. The 2nd arrondissement is also known for being an important business district within the city, including the former Paris Bourse Stock Exchange.

Galerie Vivienne, Paris

The timeless Galerie Vivienne

The weather here in Paris is absolutely stunning. However, for those who are like me and cannot cope with the unbearable temperatures that accompany such weather, do not fear. Why not escape the intense rays and escape into one of the many covered passages of the city? Located in the second arrondissement, my favourite covered passage is the Galerie Vivienne. Built in 1823, Galerie Vivienne is situated in a wonderful location – a stones throw away from the Palais-Royal and the Bibliothèque Richelieu. The ornamentation of Galerie Vivienne is splendid. As you walk through the passage, look down and admire the gorgeous mosaic tiling. Don’t forget to look up and around – the passage is adorned with interesting decorative designs and sculptures. Also, the entire passage is covered by glass ceiling, including a recently restored rotunda and glass dome adding extra opulence in this almost timeless arcade. Galerie Vivienne is not only adored for its elegant architecture and decorative designs, but also for it’s shopping. Of all the covered passages in Paris, Galerie Vivienne is …