Handmade Christmas cards now on Etsy

Handmade Christmas cards now on Etsy

Today is the beginning of November, and you know what that means? The countdown to Christmas can officially begin! (Albeit still a wee bit early…) That’s right, there’s only 53 days till Christmas – and when you include all the days when you might be working, socialising, and those general c-b-a days, that doesn’t leave you very long for your christmas preparations. To make life a little bit easier I have designed and created my very own selection of hand-made Christmas cards that are now available to buy on my Etsy shop. You can get yourself a variety pack of 6 Christmas cards here, or perhaps just the one card for that someone special. Either way, these bespoke and original hand-made cards are the perfect way to wish loved ones a happy holiday.

Check out all the cards here.


Handmade Christmas Cards bespoke designs available on Etsy

Season's Greetings handmade bespoke Christmas cards etsy

Ho ho ho! Handmade bespoke Christmas cards on Etsy

Merry and Bright handmade christmas cards bespoke design on Etsy

Limited Bespoke hand-painted greeting cards now on my Etsy Shop

Limited Bespoke hand-painted greeting cards now on my Etsy Shop

For the last couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of painting, and I am pleased to announce that over on my Etsy shop you can now buy some one-off, unique, miniature works of art – my hand-painted greeting cards! I have made a dozen (and more) hand-made copies of the same design, and whilst I am in the process of reproducing them, I thought it would be a great idea to let you guys have the chance to buy your own and send them to your loved ones. I am an absolute stickler for handwritten letters and cards, and so I hope that people might enjoy sending and receiving my hand-painted greeting cards. Each card is individually hand-painted using watercolour and gouache paints, then hand mounted onto 5 x 7 ivory card.

Below is a selection of the ones now currently available online, with more to come soon!

Happy Birthday

Hand painted original happy birthday greeting cards

Hand painted happy birthday greeting card etsy

Hand painted original happy birthday greeting card

A selection of my Happy Birthday cards are available here on Etsy. You can choose from five cards, each differing in colour and illustration.

Thank you

Thank you hand painted greeting cards, Etsy

Hand painted thank you greeting cards, available on Etsy


Say ‘cheers’ with my hand painted Thank you cards available on Etsy.

Printed Bonjour card

Prints of my hand painted greeting cards Bonjour

I have also added printed Bonjour cards which available on Etsy. These are print copies of my hand-painted lettering, originally made using watercolour, gouache, and love. This card is a print copy made with a premium matte stock finish.

Have you got any sayings or greetings that you would like to see painted on a greeting card, leave a comment below – would love to read some of your ideas!

You can check out all my hand-painted and printed greeting cards over on my Etsy shop here.


Etsy Summer Sale – 10% everything!

Etsy Summer Sale – 10% everything!

I cannot believe that it is August already, where has the time flown? As I write this blog post, I look out from my desk onto my garden and it is raining. It hardly looks like summer here in England. Rain, rain, rain.

But do not fear if the weather is rubbish where you are – to celebrate Summer I am having a SALE off EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop. Yes, you read that right, everything. This includes greeting cards, photo prints, and custom orders. Never has there been a better time to bring some Parisian chic into your home or send a little card to loved ones.

For your chance to get 10% off all my photo prints and greeting cards, use the promo code SUMMERSALE16 – limited time only (till September). Spread the word!

Head over to my Etsy account here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RoisinGracePhotos

Etsy Summer Sale Photo Prints Paris, Set of Four Scenes of Paris Photo Postcards

Etsy Paris Photo Print Summer Sale

Etsy Photo Paris Prints Summer Sale Photography

Etsy Happy Mother's Day hand-painted greeting card - original watercolour illustrated card

5 Ways to display Postcards at home

5 Ways to display Postcards at home

I seem to have an endless supply of Postcards. When ever I go travelling or to a Museum, I always end up buying what feels like thousands of postcards. However, the majority of them end up in a draw somewhere awaiting for me to find the time to take them and go through them.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then fear not! As I have been going through the magical world of Pinterest to find the most creative and chic ways to display these souvenirs, and here are my top 5 favourite ways to showcase your postcard collection around your home!

How display Postcards in House, Roisin Grace. Photo credit: House of Jade Interiors

Photo from House of Jade Interiors

This is a simple display is incredibly effortless, and even though it is minimalistic its’s a fantastic way to display those postcards without having to spend lots of money. One way to complete this look could be done easily using string along with small clips to attach the postcards to. Simple, yet effective.

How to display Postcards at home, Roisin Grace. Photo: House Beautiful - Frenchy Fancy

Photo from Frenchy Fancy

This postcard chandelier from French Fancy is so stylish! I love the fact that such a way of displaying postcards is completely different to others seen – therefore, making it a unique statement piece for any home, and a fantastic way to bring those postcards out of the draws and on display in your home. A definite talking point for any visitor who comes to your home!

You can check out this awesome DIY by A Pair and A Spare, wherein they have created a really cool way to display photos or postcards which is similar to the hanging chandelier above. It’s super easy to make and looks effortlessly chic.

How to display postcards DIY, Roisin Grace. Photo from A Pair and A Spare


How to display your postcards at home, Roisin Grace. Photo: Apartment Therapy

Photo from Apartment Therapy

I absolutely love this postcard/photo display! The mantel piece above a fire place is the perfect place to show off your collection. It’s a great way of using a small amount of space to create interesting decoration. In contrast to the other ways of displaying your postcards, this shows that order is not necessarily always the way when displaying your postcards. It will also make for a great talking point for those coming to visit your humble abode.

Ways to display postcards in your home, Roisin Grace. Photo from Creature Comforts Blog

Photo from Creature Comforts Blog

This is probably the easiest and elegant ways of showcasing those postcards – a simple bordered frame is the perfect way to display postcards. Whether in a big frame like above, or perhaps one that will allow for 4 x 4 postcards, both will be wonderful ways to add some art to your home.

How to Display Postcards in your home, Roisin Grace. Photo from The Hand Made Home

Photo from The Hand Made Home

In addition to collecting thousands of postcards, I also seem to have a knack of obtaining masses of hangers. Finally, there seems to be a clever way of using these pesky items – utilising them as a postcard display!

Roisin Grace Paris Postcards - how to display your postcards at home

Don’t forget that postcards are now available on my Etsy shop! Head over there now to grab your own beautifully printed postcards, and get inspiration from the displays above on how to bring some Paris into your home!

You can check out more ideas of ways to display your postcards in one of Pinterest boards here: