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A week in France

Holiday in Ternand France, view by the swimming pool of the countryside

I have just returned from a week long holiday, staying in wonderful France. I was staying with my boyfriend and his Grandparent’s at their home in the middle of the expansive French countryside. My home for the week was in Ternand, a small and very quaint village in eastern France. We had a fantastic time, providing us with the opportunities to relax by the pool, go for afternoon strolls and just to enjoy being at one with nature. It was super hot to begin with, but we were often confronted with storms and rain. It was really nice to be able to just sit back and relax. Whilst visiting busy cities can be really enjoyable, sometimes the peace and quiet are much needed.

Here are just a few photos from our holiday, and keep checking back on my blog as I am in the process of writing up some blog posts about the different things we got up to in France!

The old village of Ternand, France

Vineyards in France

View from Oingt, France - the countrysdie

Cat in Oingt, France

View from the tower in Oingt, France

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Lyon France

Flowers, rose, in Ternand and the countryside


  1. EDWARD TERRY says

    Lovely to see the cat, what’s the name?  What’s ‘Miow’ in French?  Or English? Great photos again, thanks. Are you going to look after Ellen in Kent Uni or are you going somewhere else? Love Ted and Moya xx ?


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