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Laura Marling, Le Trabendo, Paris – 10 May 2015

Laura Marling, Le Trabendo, Paris - 10 May 2015

Last night one of my dreams came true. I finally got the chance to see one of my idols – Laura Marling. I have been a keen follower of Marling for many years, using her first three albums as the necessity aides to get me through those difficult years – adolescence. Unfortunately for me, there were two separate occasions to which I could have stood in the midst of this talented singer (once back in Sixth Form, I was on holiday; and the second I only found out the day after! Laura was playing in the York Minister, which was a once in a lifetime opportunity). So one can only imagine how I felt – it was like Christmas.

I’m not going to write a concert review, because to be honest I would have no idea where to even start and I am sure I would not do it any justice. But what I can attempt to say is that Laura Marling offered a beautiful and yet haunting performance of her work – mostly taken from her latest albums Once I was an Eagle and Short Movie. I would have loved it she would have played more of her older music, but that did not affect the concert one piece. Laura has a sublime voice, and was pitch perfect in person. So rare it seems these days in the music scene to find a singer who actually sounds like they do on the radio etc, without the need of auto-tune. Hopefully I’ll be able see her live again soon.

Laura Marling, Laura Marling, Le Trabendo, Paris

Laura Marling, Laura Marling, Le Trabendo, Paris

Laura Marling, Laura Marling, Le Trabendo, Paris

*Photos were all taken by me. The video below is a great recording that I found on youtube – credit to the person who took it 🙂


  1. Caro says

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Your pictures are great! It was a beautiful concert indeed. So entrancing. I really hope to see her live again soon as well. And maybe, she won’t take much to release another album and then tour again 🙂


    • roisingrace says

      Yay, merci for your kind words! Were you at the concert too? She was awesome! Hopefully she won’t take long indeed. I was a little sad she didn’t play some of her earlier stuff, but ya’know, that’s life! Thanks for checking out my pictures 🙂


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