ICT Facilities – Recent York Graduates

I thought that I would post a friendly reminder to all those fellow recent York Graduates that in less than 30 days our York IT Services will expire. This means that our email accounts will close, and incoming mail will be rejected; we will not be able to use any of the University iT facilities; and any unused credit on our printing accounts will be lost.

What I have done is imported my emails and contacts from my york.ac.uk account onto my own personal gmail email. I found this really hard, but with the help of the following links I succeeded! So check them out:


  • This page links to all the relevant information that you may want to know about your York IT accounts.


  • I followed this help page from google to move my emails from the york.ac.uk account to my gmail account. To do this, I also followed this page (https://support.google.com/mail/answer/21289) which shows you how to not only import emails but how to check emails from the york.ac.uk account. It has worked for me, except with me beingΒ inundatedΒ with tons of ‘unread’ emails which I had to sift through to either delete or keep. I am not too sure whether it will be able to check the emails coming through once our accounts have been deleted. Time will tell!

If you have any problems give IT support a quick email on:Β itsupport@york.ac.uk

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