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My attempts at making macaroons

Second macaroon attempt!

Second macaroon attempt!


This weekend I am hosting a Parisian Soiree with my closest and bestest (I realise that isn’t an actual word…), friends, and what would a Parisian themed Soiree be without Macaroons! After scouring the shops and supermarkets to see if I could get my hands on a batch of pre-made macaroons, and with no luck, I have succumbed to the reality of having to make them myself. I wouldn’t approach the subject with such agitation would it have been for a terrible attempt last year which left me with piles of indescribable mess. Anyway, putting the past behind me, over the last two weeks I have been giving it ago, and it’s not as bad/hard as it seems! The only problem that has arisen so far is that the insides were still undercooked, so I ended up leaving them in the oven for an additional half an hour – that’s plus the 12-15mins recommended by Lorraine Pascale! I don’t want to brag, but they’re not too bad! Obviously Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood may stick their noses up at them, but I am happy! One other thing that budding macaroon bakers must be wary of, is food colouring. Although I added what I thought was way too much, the macaroons once cooked come out about three shades lighter than the intended colour. But I am happy with them, and today, I shall be attempting my third batch for my Soiree this weekend  – wish me luck. I’ll be sure to post some photos, whether good or bad!

First macaroon attempt... not too bad!

First macaroon attempt… not too bad!

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