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My first visit to Roland Garros 2015

As Wimbledon 2015 officially commences today, I thought it would be about time to finally post all the photos my dad and I took during our¬†visit to Roland Garros this May. Those who personally know me, will know how much myself and my family adore tennis, and we could not miss the opportunity to check out the city’s very own championships. I have been to Wimbledon pretty much every year for the past 8-10 years, either going as a spectator or working there. Sadly, this is the first year that I will not be able to make it, and so I’m currently feeling somewhat nostalgic! Anyway, we had a wonderful time exploring Roland Garros. My parents and brother came over, and we headed off to see the tennis on the 28th May. We had a wonderful time, and luckily the weather stayed calm – there were forecasts of rain, but it never turned up so phew! What we did notice about Roland Garros is that the grounds are¬†pretty small (compared to Wimbledon that is). As …