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The Au Pair Series, Mary in Denmark

The Au Pair Series: Mary in Denmark

Becoming an Au Pair Tell us about yourself! I’m originally from the Philippines. I’m only 21 when I decided to be an au pair. Where and when were you an au pair? I’m currently in Denmark. I moved here late 2013. Why did you choose to go au pairing in that particular country? The offer wasn’t really for me, it’s for my sister but she can’t go. So she asked me if I wanted to give it a try. Basically, I didn’t chose 🙂 What was the ‘aim’ of your year as an au pair? At first, I just wanted to go away. I was fresh graduate and got a job right away. But I wasn’t very happy; I don’t know what kind of job I wanted to do. Finding a job is also challenging, I don’t want to be labeled as Degree holder but jobless. I don’t really have any idea what is an au pair, I just said yes and took the opportunity to go away, travel and find myself. How did you …