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Cycling in Saint-Cloud Park with the most amazing views

Parc de Saint-Cloud

Pretty much every day that I have been in Paris so far, I have been blessed with sun and beautiful weather, and this weekend was no different. On Sunday (Dimanche) I took M’s bike, and went cycling around Saint-Cloud park (the one I previously adventured through last week). Because I was on bike I was able to cover more ground, and wow, the park just keeps getting more beautiful and spectacular every time I go. The park has many different axial avenues which led to different parts of the park. The main one leads you towards a French style designed garden, including sculptures, fountains and a variety¬†of trees and flowers. The most amazing thing though was the view that you got once the landscape had opened up from the woods – you can see pretty much the whole of Paris! Although not captured very well in the below photographs that I took, there was a hot air balloon floating above the city which reminded me of the ones used during the Parisian 19th century Exposition …