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Christmas at Christ Church College, University of Oxford

Oxmas: Merry Christmas from Oxford

What a crazy couple of months it has been for me! I officially finished my first term here at Oxford, and have been enjoying the Christmas holidays so far (except for when I’m attempting to write an essay!) I have been having an amazing time at Oxford, and am so appreciative for this incredible opportunity to study in such an awe-inpsiring place with so many interesting people.

The last two weeks on Instagram - Christmas special

The last two weeks on Instagram – Christmas special

The last two weeks have gone incredibly fast, and now I find myself travelling back to my Au Pari life in Paris. I’ve had an amazing time being back home. It was great to see all my relatives, spend time with my family and boyfriend (oh and Jaffa!), and actually enjoy my first christmas in six years where I haven’t had exams straight after – this is something that I have been looking forward to for ages! So here are a few of my favourite Instagram photos posted during the holidays.

A White Christmas

A White Christmas

Finally, yes finally, we have had a white Christmas! (Well, a snowy boxing day, but that still counts). I managed to take a few photographs using my camera, but the sheer anxiety of getting wet meant that I wasn’t able to take very good shots. Nevertheless, here are a few that I took on my phone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday 🙂