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Photo I took on the boat coming back from Ellis Island

Our New York Trip

What a week. Our time in New York has come and gone, but boy was it amazing. It seems just like yesterday we were stepping of the plane and heading into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. For anyone reading who knows my family personally, you will all acknowledge that my parents are extremely organised and like to have the holiday planned to the tee. Although being in New York for just under a week, we managed to cram so much into these few days. Unfortunately, this meant that whilst there I didn’t have the time to write up any blog posts to update everyone on what we were up to, as whatever spare time we had was taken up my sleeping (!) Therefore, I have decided to just do a quick summary and include some of the photos that I took whilst out and about. There are a few things that I want to blog in detail, such as our visit to the beautiful Cloisters Museum (which was so tranquil, you would not think …