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The Au Pair Series, Mandy Geneva

The Au Pair Series: Mandy in Geneva

Becoming an Au Pair Tell us about yourself. I am a software developer and Digital Nomad. I’m currently in the Ukraine, but I’m house sitting and just generally wandering my way through Europe for the next few months. Where and when were you an au pair? From 2001-2 I was with a family just outside of Geneva, Switzerland. Why did you choose to go au pairing in that particular country? I was offered jobs in Germany and Barcelona, but I chose Geneva because it is so central so traveling to other places would be easy, and I really liked the family. What was the ‘aim’ of your year as an au pair? To travel internationally. I’d never been outside the US though I’d traveled extensively there. I wanted to get a chance to see more of the world before I settled down and did the whole family thing. How did you find your au pair family, and what tips would you have for those beginning their own searches for potential families? I found them through …

The Au Pair Series - tips & advice from Au Pairs throughout the world

Launch of my new ‘The Au Pair Series’

Being an au pair can be one of the most rewarding experiences. As you join a family for the year, you get to enjoy immersing yourself in a new culture whilst living in a different city, and learn all about the language and life there. As a previous au pair, I found that there wasn’t much information about the life of an au pair. Therefore, I am launching my new ‘The Au Pair Series’, which will showcase a wide variety of former/current au pair experiences in different countries throughout the world –  which will allow you to understand and see into the interesting lifestyle that so many of us have taken. I hope that this new blog series will help those thinking of of becoming an au pair learn more about this amazing experience. If you were an au pair or are currently one, I would love for you to get in touch and for the world to hear about your very own unique au pairing experience! I’m really excited to hear all the different stories of various …

Making New Friends as an Au Pair

Ways to make new friends as an Au Pair

Moving to a new country where you do not necessarily speak the language and know no one can be incredibly daunting. Having experienced that just this year, it can be difficult at first, but there are lots of ways of meeting and making new friends. It’s only after a year of living away in another country has the amazing amount of possibilities of doing just this become apparent to me, and I wish I had known sooner! Hence why I am writing this blog post – to help all those becoming Au Pairs to meet new people when moving to a new country. Just because this blog post is aimed primarily at Au Pairs, does not mean that International Students or anyone in general cannot follow these tips – they’re made for everyone! Language Classes One of the best places to meet other Au Pairs is at you language classes. Most Au Pairs will attend a language school of some kind, and depending on the school most of the other students will be Au Pairs. In fact, my school …