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Brooke Au Pair Paris, France

The Au Pair Series: Brooke in Paris

Becoming an Au Pair Where and when were you an au pair? I au paired for six months in Rueil Malmaison, a lovely western suburb of Paris. Unfortunately the “ten minute” commute from the house to the RER station turned out to be a 25-30 minute bus ride and 20 minute RER ride….make sure you google map and research your location before arrival. This family and I had a six month agreement so the commute was not a big deal. I then worked for a family in Croissy sur seine for the summer (the month of August) and loved each moment of the day. The mother was a stay at home with two lovely young boys. We had so any fun adventures. Currently, I am working in Paris from September to July in the 2nd arrondissement for one five year old. I am loving the varied experiences. Why did you choose to go au pairing in that particular country? Like most American girls after watching Passport to Paris (the 1990s Mary-Kate and Ashley film), I decided …

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I’ve been featured! – Life of an Au Pair in Paris, 21 Steps & Beyond

A few weeks back I wrote an article for 21 Steps & Beyond about my time being an Au Pair in Paris, and I have the pleasure to say that you too can finally read all it! It was wonderful to be able to sit and write about my experiences as an au pair, and is one of the reasons why I am enjoying The Au Pair Series here on my blog so much. Many thanks to Paola Peinado for organising this wonderful magazine, and for allowing me to contribute! As well as my Parisian adventure, be sure to read the wonderful articles about being au pairs in Ireland and Italy! You can check it out here.  

The Au Pair Series, Emily in Paris

The Au Pair Series: Emily in Paris

Becoming an Au Pair Tell us about yourself! I had recently graduated from University of Northern Colorado when I decided to live abroad as an au pair before starting my life in the “real world”. Now, I am back in Denver working and missing Paris dearly! Where and when were you an au pair? I was an au pair in Paris, France from August, 2014-July 2015 (age 22). Why did you choose to go au pairing in that particular country? I had studied French throughout college. I had done a short study abroad trip to the south of France over the summer in 2012. I love getting to practice my French and learning about French culture! I have always wanted to live in a big city, and Paris is the perfect place for au pairs. What was the ‘aim’ of your year as an au pair? My goal was to learn everything to know about life in France. What I never realized is I would learn so much about many other countries as well through …