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Misty views of Paris from Montmartre

Misty views of Paris from Montmartre

The weather this week in Paris has been like a yo-yo, one minute it’s glorious and the next it’s rainy. It was also during this week that there was an enigmatic mist covering the skyline over Paris, almost like a lilac blanket keeping the city warm. Whilst on the train into the city centre, I am usually blessed with stunning views of the vista with the Eiffel Tower emerging from the cityscape, however, on this particular journey La Tour Eiffel was concealed into the depths of the mist that engulfed it. Therefore, what better place to get a more fitting view than at the top of Montmartre by La basilique du Sacré-Cœur. There’s something quite magical and enchanting about such a landscape, it’s just a shame I didn’t manage to get a photo of the Eiffel Tour hiding away – next time.

A spontaneous trip up La Tour Eiffel, Paris

A spontaneous trip up La Tour Eiffel

My friend and I made a spontaneous decision recently to go and walk up the Eiffel Tower – and why not?! It was a beautiful, albeit cold day – the sun was out, and with the prospect of the next few days being miserable here in Paris, this was the perfect opportunity. To my surprise, I was shocked at how cheap it was for us to walk up to the second level of the tower (which is a lot higher than it sounds!). However, I’m not gonna lie, it was tough walking up all those steps, but once completed, you’re rewarded with amazing views of the city. We also timed our visit really well, as we were able to see the sun setting over Paris. A view that I recommend to everyone! You can view more photos that I took on my flickr account:

Cycling in Saint-Cloud Park with the most amazing views

Parc de Saint-Cloud

Pretty much every day that I have been in Paris so far, I have been blessed with sun and beautiful weather, and this weekend was no different. On Sunday (Dimanche) I took M’s bike, and went cycling around Saint-Cloud park (the one I previously adventured through last week). Because I was on bike I was able to cover more ground, and wow, the park just keeps getting more beautiful and spectacular every time I go. The park has many different axial avenues which led to different parts of the park. The main one leads you towards a French style designed garden, including sculptures, fountains and a variety of trees and flowers. The most amazing thing though was the view that you got once the landscape had opened up from the woods – you can see pretty much the whole of Paris! Although not captured very well in the below photographs that I took, there was a hot air balloon floating above the city which reminded me of the ones used during the Parisian 19th century Exposition …