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Paris Photo Print Greeting Cards, Roisin Grace

Send some love with my new collection of greeting cards

New Greeting Card section here!  As you may already know from one of my previous posts, I have just opened up my very own Etsy shop full of photo prints from around Paris and beyond! And now, I have just launched my first collection of greeting cards! All the photos are professionally printed at premium quality, and then hand-mounted by myself onto cards. For those who know me, I am obsessed about all things stationary. But I also understand and appreciate the importance of a hand-written note. Whether it be a postcard to detail your travels, or a simple greeting card to say hello to a loved one – there’s nothing more special than sending or receiving a hand-written letter. Therefore, I hope that my cards will be of use to many of you out there, as I use them often myself. Writing a quick note to someone is so simple and effortless, yet this goes a long way to show people how much you value their friendship and love. So what are you waiting for!? …

Roisin Grace Photography Print shop on Etsy, Photo Prints of Paris make perfect gifts

Roisin Grace Photos on Etsy – My new photography shop has opened!

Click here to go to my Etsy shop: Yes, you read right – I have just opened my new online photographic print shop on Etsy! For the last two weeks I have been busy organising my shop, and am finally ready to unveil it to you all. I had thought for some time about opening an Etsy shop, and it was only recently that I decided to take the plunge and give it a go, and I’m really excited for everyone to finally be able to view it. Over on my Etsy shop, called Roisin Grace Photography: A Photography Print Shop, you will find a collection of some of my favourite photos that I have taken throughout my year living in Paris. You will be able to explore the different photos, whether it be beautifully coloured ones to vintage looking black and white photo prints. Photographic prints make great additions to a home, brightening up the space and becoming a focal point as means of generating conversation as well! Another wonderful thing about photo prints is that they …